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4721 Palladium Way
Burlington ON

Project Updates

Rahmah Islamic Centre / Project Updates

Project Updates

01Short History about Halton Islamic Association

HIA is a charitable organization. The Halton Islamic Association (HIA) was established as a charitable organization in the late ’80s with the goal of building a Masjid (a place of worship and religious education) for the Muslim community in the city of Burlington. Through the hard work and dedication of the community, the Masjid was built in the early ’90s and has since served as a beacon of light offering a variety of religious and educational services. 

02About ‘Rahmah Islamic Centre’

Alhamdolelah the Muslim Community in the city of Burlington is continuing to grow, with an estimated Muslim community of 5,000 individuals. As such the Halton Islamic Association needs to grow to accommodate the needs of the community. Our current Masjid has a capacity of 250 Musaleen, we currently serve over a 1500 Musaleen every Jumu’ah by holding multiple Jumu’ah prayers and renting facilities to accommodate the numbers. Because of our limited space all of our programs have a long waiting list specially for our Children and youth Quran classes.

Alhamullelah, we have purchased4.1 acres of land in the North of Burlington, that is 4 times the size of our current Masjid land. We have completed all of the necessary city applications and obtained our building permit to construct an Islamic Centre.

Alhamdolelah the construction has started on Dec. 1st, 2023

The new centre will in’sha’Allah be called The ‘Rahmah Islamic Centre( مسجد الرحمة ) and it will in’sha’Allah house a large prayer hall with a capacity of 700 Musaleen, a large parking lot with 260 parking spots. A school with 12 classrooms, a large gym for our youth activities, a banquet hall for our community gatherings as well asoutside play areas and courts. 

Alhamdolelah the land is strategically located within walking distance of where we are seeing the largest growth of Muslim population. This will in’sha’Allah enable our visitors to walk to the centre and actively participate in our daily activities.  

In’sha’Allah, we are planning to build the Rahmah Center in 2 phases to manage the cost with a total estimated cost of $14M. The estimated cost of Phase 1 (Building Envelope) is $9M. The estimated cost of Phase 2 (Interior finishes) is $5M 

Alhamdolelah as of December 2023, we have raised $3.6M towards the necessary funds for the project and we have pledges from our community for $2M.  

We ask Allah (swt.) to accept our efforts and enable us to build the Rahmah Islamic Centre in the near future.  

We encourage you to review the project’s latest Drawings and to Donate Generously. 

03Next Steps

Start the Construction of the Rahmah Islamic Centre – Construction started on Dec. 1st 2023 

Continuing Fundraising efforts to raise the necessary funds – Need to Raise $3.4M to complete the construction of Phase 1 

In'sha'Allah completed Phase 1 construction by Dec. 2024  

04How Can You Help

  • Make Duaa to Allah (swt) to grant us success
  • Donate Generously towards this cause
  • Encourage Family and Friends to Donate
  • Sign-up to go on Fundraising-Rounds for this cause at other Masaajid
  • Become a Volunteer

05Funds Status

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Be Part of the Project! Join Our Team of Volunteers.